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  HDPE Pipes & Fittings  

Prominent Customers are :

  1. Telecommunication Department
  2. Irrigation Department
  3. Public Health & Engineering Department
  4. Oil & Natural Gas Commission

Lighter than Water, Stronger than Steel


JAYSHREE POLYTEX HDPE Pipes are better alternate to conventional pipes such as Cast Iron, Galvanized iron, Aluminum and others. A feature comparison puts them in a class of their own. Lighter, No Corrosion, High Burst Strength, Chemical and Weather Resistance, Flexible, Better Flow Properties, Better Longevity, More Hygienic , Easier to install and much more economical in the long run.

JAYSHREE POLYTEX Pipes come in a varied range of colors to suit any decor.



Merits of HDPE Pipes


Better Longevity : This is ensured by the strong ethylene polymer bond.

Resistant to Corrosion :
This enables safe transportation of even strong acids & alkalies.

Light in Weight : This makes handling easier, cuts down transportation cost & effects easy & quick installation.

Flow Properties : Due to smooth internal surface of these pipes, frictional losses are very low (C-150). There is no formation of scales or residual deposits. Even small dia pipes have more flowness compared to other conventional pipes.

Excellent Weather Resistance : Additions of selected antioxidants, carbon black & stabilizers protect HDPE Pipes from ultra violet rays & prevent degradations. These pipes can withstand extreme climatic conditions & temperatures ranging between (-) 40° Celsius to 80° Celsius.

Hygenic & Safe : HDPE Pipes are non-toxic in nature & impart no odor or taste to portable water. These pipes are safe & free from water borne bacteria.

Butt Fusion Welding : The excellent welding properties of HDPE Pipes are utilized for a permanent joint. The most economical and easiest joint of all is the Butt Fusion Welding method. This totally eliminates the need for couplers.

Low Costs : Usage of HDPE Pipes prove economic as regards per metre costs, transportation cost, ground excavation cost, bed preparation costs, handling costs, joining and laying costs and costs of external production.


Varied Applications Of HDPE Pipes

The excellent properties and advantages of HDPE Pipes make them an effectively superior and cheaper substitute to cast irron, galvanized Iran, aluminum and other pipes.
They have gained popularity in various fields of application.

  1. Portable water supply
  2. Sprinkler systems for lawns, Golf Green Gardens, Tea Plantations, Coffee Estates, Nurseries etc.
  3. Conveying strong acids and alkalies
  4. Drainage Pipe Systems for surface and rain water, waste water mains, soil water etc.
  5. Effluent streams in Chemical Industry
  6. Telephone Cable Castings
  7. Lift and gravity irrigation systems
  8. Sewerage pumping & effluent conveyance systems
  9. Gas distribution systems
  10. Marine & submarine pipe line
  11. Sand dredging
  12. Food processing Industry
  13. Compressed air lines, above & underground cable ducting
  14. Column pipes for submersible/jet pumps
  15. Water well casing & Screen, Irrigation and tube wells



Merits Of Sprinkler Irrigation System

  1. An exact alternate to rain
  2. Manufactures variety of sprinkler systems for plains and terrains conserving water by 40% to 60%.
  3. Provides efficient sprinkler systems for both low and high pressure water pumps.
  4. Provides ISI marked, UV Stabilized, High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) Pipes for main and submain ensuring higher durability.
  5. Pipes are strong, stress resistant and long lasing as they are not affected by acidity and alkalinity.
  6. Sprinkler couplers are injection moulded with insert moulding which gives leak proof riser pipe connection and better clamping arrangements.
  7. Easy and fast way to fix or remove pipes by providing quick release coupler.
  8. The self seal in the coupler prevents leakge under water pressure.
  9. Pipes are light in weight enabling easier transportation.

Features Of Sprinkler Irrigation System

  1. Uniform Irrigation
  2. Higher Area Covered
  3. High Yield
  4. Soil Conservation
  5. Suitable for all crops
  6. Water Economy

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